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Is shipping included?  No, that's extra.  It's usually between $40-50, as we use a lot of padding and insure them.

Will I really get free lessons?  Yes, we want you to love your guitar.  So we will work with you to help that.  If you ever start to feel guilty getting so much help with your guitar and learning how to play,  then you are free to send us some form of appreciation.


How easy are they to play?  They are as easy or difficult as you wish.  If all you want to do is strum along to popular songs.  You can learn 3 cords in under a minute and that will enable you to play thousands of songs.  If you want to be able to play shovel guitar like Justin Johnson with a slide, you might never get there.  He's that good!  Basically, what I'm saying is there is no limit.  They are easy to play at the most basic level.  And they can show off your expertise with extremely complex sounds.


What does a floating bridge mean and why is it important?  The bridge on most of my guitars and all the banjos is not glued or screwed down.  This is because it's position sets the intonation of the guitar.  This means that at the 12th fred the pitch of the note should be the same if you fret it or just touch the string above the fret and let it ring.  If it's sharp when you fret it, then slide the bridge toward the bottom end of the guitar thus lengthening the string.  If it's flat when you fret it, do the opposite.  Often, the thicker string will need to be longer than the thin one.   This floating bridge also means that it will fall off when you change the strings unless you do them one at a time.  And for that matter, if the grounding wire is wrapped around a string or crimped on with a fishing lead split shot, then you will need to refasten that wire to keep 60 cycle hum down. 



Does that classic X kayak come with that sweet guitar?  Answer, the guitar has sold and maybe, but guitars and kayaks are usually sold separately.



There are two frequently asked questions of this cat.  One is do you really play that cigar box guitar.  The answer is Yes.  And the second frequently asked question is what is the cat saying to the vulture?  The answer is "Buzz, turn up the gain on that cactus amp!  For God's sake I said I need more gain!"

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