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After I saw Justin Johnson's video playing a 3 string guitar made out of a shovel, I was inspired.  A friend suggested I make one out of a broken oar.  Well, I just happened to have one.  Court Lewis and I built this oar out of clear fir back in '08 and it had served us well as we didn't have an engine for our dinghy. 

But one day, Mike Golins was rowing Sam Eakle and I out to my sailboat, Revival in Key West and just at Flemming Cut with the ebb tide raging, creating actual rapids, he felt the oar start to go.  He said, "What's your plan B if this oar breaks as it's about to?"  I said there was no plan B.  He said, "Here goes!" and immediately it snapped.  I grabbed it and paddled on one side as he rowed on the other and we actually got across the cut.  But when a fellow sailor seeing our plight came and offered us a tow, we accepted.  Now this broken oar is a crazy guitar and I've performed with it at the Florida Maritime Museum's  Nautical Festival.  It has a Snake Oil Humbucker pickup and I added a SCUBA weight to balance all that length.  The strap is made from a broken topping lift from my boat which I unraveled and flat wove one day.  This isn't just a great story and wall hanger.  It's a legit instrument!


Broken Oar Guitar

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