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There is a lot going on with this guitar!  The bridge is a high powered rifle shell (don't worry, it won't fire!) with the bullet painted to look like lipstick.  The bridge pickup is a lipstick single coil pickup for that classic sound.  The neck pickup is a Mini Snake Oil Humbucker pickup which gives a very different sound and the 3 way selector switch lets you chose which pickup you want or both. 

The two volume knobs are also bullet casings, and each is dedicatetd to it's own pickup. 

The neck has kisses all over the fretboard from three lovely ladies with tempera paint lacquered over to protect them.

People seeing it ask how it sounds.  Well, the metal box makes it sound more like a dobro guitar.  And with the pickups, and various amp settings you can go from clasical to heavy metal in an instant.  This is my most expensive guitar to date.  I know you'll understand why.   This guitar rocks!

Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry Guitar

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