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Wow!  This sweet guitar has gone the distance.  I built this one with a neck that once the strings are loosened, allows the neck to fold under the body.  That way, it can be stowed under the seat on the plane and count as a "Personal Item" instead of carry on.  So, this guitar flies for FREE!  I've taken it on four Outward Bound expeditions down the Green and Colorado rivers in Utah.  It boasts a thin single coil pickup for a spanking sound.  My 12 year old students in June loved it as did the 60 year old Veterans in October.  Also, a senior stepped on it when it was in my dry bag and all that happened was the strings broke.  Any other guitar would have snapped at the neck!  Maybe I should build more of these.  The difficulty lies in the hinge.  I have to join the neck together and pre-load the hinge.  So when I string it, it has to be bent and then I unstring it and file a little off at a time.  Well, you get the idea.  It takes a while.  But it's worth it!

FoldingTravel Guitar

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