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Back in August at my show at the ArtOvation Hotel in Sarasota, a woman came up to me and I plugged in a few guitars and showed her and her family their sound.  When I was done, she showed me a painting she'd done at the hotel.  (They invite artists and have them battle, where they paint for half an hour while people look on over cocktails and then vote.  In her painting she said the theme was Picaso.)  She'd done a self portrait painting with her fingers instead of brushes and put her eyelashes outside of her glasses!  When I asked about that, she said that was the Picaso influence. 

Right then, I knew I needed to make a guitar with that image, and asked her if that was OK.  She sent me a photo  of it and Mom painted it on this guitar. 

The magnetic pickup is hidden below the box lid so as not to interfere with the lovely painting.  And it sounds fantastic!  I hope Frita and Picaso are proud.  I certainly am!


$650.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
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