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When Jen, Julia, and Miranda were asked to kiss the neck with tempra paint as lipstick, they needed something else to see if their puckers were up to it.  After all they thought, we don't want it not to look sexy!  So they practices on this maple cutting board.  Well, after a year when we were still using the cutting board and the kisses were still on it, I decided to give in and build a guitar with it.  Of course I'd need to use a lipstick single coil pickup on it, but I also used a Flat Pup Humbucker pickup on it.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I pulled too hard on the lead wires and broke that expensive pickup.  I tried unwinding it till I got to the end and then rewinding, but it got tangled and so after 4 hourse, it broke! 

Uggggg!  I was so upset.  So I ordered a pound of 42 gage pickup wire and when it arrived started winding.  It worked the first try!  Since then I've made and broken several of these pickups in the building.  So I'm glad it did work the first try or I might have been more discouraged.  There is a 3 way selector switch so you can chose single coil, humbucker, or both.  And since it was a cutting board theme, I had to shape and paint the neck like a bread knife.  It sound pretty awesome and so don't just hang it on the wall!  FYI, it's no longer dishwasher safe!


Kisses to Kill

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